Besaide give you a warm welcome in "Compleating You", the TFL approved fanlist for one of the most awesome couple of the isle: the Wakka and Lulu from Final Fantasy Xt.

They're one of my favourite pair and one of my personal wishes granted thanks to the TFL staffers. I can't believe I really own this pair's fanlist, it's like a dream! I loved Wakka and Lulu by the first time and hoped for something more then a friendship relation between them and Square-Enix realized my dream in the sequel where they're married with a son.

If you're a Wakka and Lulu fan like me, feel free to look around and join here!

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[Lulu x Wakka] Open!

n.67 | Oct 4, 2008 | Final Fantasy X: Lulu & Wakka.

I can’t believe I received this fanlist that it’s also one of my wishes!! :D *joyful*
Lulu and Wakka realtionship have a speical meaning for me! I’ll do my best for this fanlist!!><

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