The Ace Spirit Medium!

Welcome in "Spiritual", the TFL and TAFL approved fanlisting for the cute and cheerful spiritual medium of the 3 Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney games: Maya Fey knowed also as Mayoi Ayasato.

This fanlisting was kindly adopted from my friend Devyn that, I know, she loves this character a lot as me. So I promise that I'll have great care of her! ♥

But now stop with the chit chatting and if you like this character, feel free to look around and join this fanlisting!

Updated: 13th April 2014
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Maya+Reever ~ Fanlistings ready

n.147 | Jun 26, 2009 | Gyakuten Saiban: Maya Fey/Mayoi Ayasato, D.Gray-man: Reever Wenham.

So after the hosting transfert the first things I did was catch the upcoming I had, this mean finish Maya sooner I can (even if actually I haven’t uploaded the whole members yet) and Reever, kind approvation fo the anime fanlisting!^^ I was a bit bored of my usual style so I tried a new one that I must say that satisfied me enought because even if simple it’s some way cute and elegant at the same! So I’ll be able to variate my style and improve it more!
So Maya Fey and Reever Wenham fans feel free to join the fanlistings if you’re a fan of one of them!


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