Welcome in "Best Place", the AFL approved fanlist for the best outstylish shaman of the world: Bokuto no Ryu/Ryunosuke Umemiya.

I feel nostalgic when I think to Ryu! ♥ I like him cause of the strong heart he have and, yeah, if you trow water on him and clean the "Elvis hairstyle" he is also sexy (even if also depressed cause you messed up him favourite hairstyle!XD)! ♥

If you like Ryu as well, click on the "saikomenù" bar on the right and navigate around the site! ♥ ♥

This fanlist is dedicated to my boyfriend, since he resamble Ryu a bit (in the way to be and a also bit also phisically)! ♥

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Ryu ~ Mera Saiko!

n.104 | Jan 11, 2009 | Shaman King: Bokuto no Ryu / Ryunosuke Umemiya.

The fanlist is finally ready!:) I choise for the link of the fanlist the name mera saiko cause it mean “best place” and Ryu is usual say it always in the japanese version with “besta presta” the “engrish” version of the words “best place”!^^ Since I received this fanlist the Christmas day, it’s for me like a gift! :) <3 Thanks Marie!

The shrine sections of the site aren’t ready yet but I’ll update them in brief!


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