You're in "60 yard magnum ", the TAFL approved fanlist for the manly man, the handsome Takekura Gen alias Musashi, the Deimon Devil Bats's kickers (Eyeshield 21).

A strong heart for a strong man, that's my first adoption that I received for a "kill for fanlist", I have to thank Ruki so much for this! I never hoped to have Gen-chan's fanlist! Musashi's story, Musashi's acts and thoughts touch any fan's heart.

If you are a fan of this handsome character, feel free to join here.

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Musashi ~ 6 new codes

n.121 | Mar 16, 2009 | Eyeshield 21: Takekura Gen (Musashi).

Added 6th new codes realized and donated by FallenAngelCeres for me for the White Day! :) *glomps*

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