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Yo, chibisuke!

Welcome in "Mada mada daze", the AFL approved fanlist for the new charactet that Konomi Takeshi introduced us in the Tennis no Oujisama movie: Futari no Samurai: Ryoga Echizen, the Ryoma's bigger brother.

I'ld love to thanks TAFL staff for this approval, they realized one of my biggest wish. Ryoga is for me the ideal big bro. Even if he act bad during the first part of the game I an sense that he is a very good brother even if him and Ryoma have not a blood realtion.

If you've interest in this character, feel free to join the fanlist

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[Ryoga] Fanlist opened!

n.75 | Oct 19, 2008 | Prince of Tennis: Ryoga Echizen.

I’m so glad to annunce that this fanlist is opened and ready to receive new fans! My heart is full of joy and I’ld love to dedicate all my job to my bestfriend Kanki that love Ryoga a lot!^O^ *chu chu*
Ryoga, my ideal niisan, I’ll spread all my love for him!^_^



On Feb 11, 2009 ainaa said:

i like you and ryoma..
you are ryoga and your
young brother ryoma..
im glad because i can leaves a comment that
a long time not send to you and your brother,,..
ryoma and you are tooooo

On Apr 3, 2009 Nekoi Echizen said:

That’s very romantic from you! Ryoga niisan is will be very happy to read it from a fan!;) Please continue supporting him with your love and maybe Konomi will make him be back in the manga!

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