Suwabe ~ Moved, rename & revamp

n.175 | Nov 27, 2009 | Suwabe Junichi.

In the end I was able to move and revamp the Suwabe-san fanlisting! :) Since that I were moving I changed even the name for the fanlisting! Since he is suprime I thought that this abjective would suit him better.
I can’t do nothing then use sky effects becuse his voice brought who year in heaven (mostrly the girls)! ;)
The fanlisting will wait to receive more fans! :D

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Balmung+Suwabe+Truth ~ New codes

n.140 | May 28, 2009 | Suwabe Junichi, Truth (Concept and Idea), .hack//SIGN: Balmung.

What a marvlous surprise today in my inbox! I received the monthly codes exchange gifts from Ilona-san and she realize some marvelous codes for the Balmung (.Hack) (12 new codes) , Suwabe Junichi (6 new codes) and the truth (concept/idea) (6 new codes) fanlists! :D
Thank you very much sweety! I’ve appreciated them a lot expecially cause you were very busy but you find the time to make all of them!!

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New affiliates!:)

n.86 | Nov 26, 2008 | Fukuyama Jun, Atsushi Tamura/Haderu, Japanese Mythology: Maneki Neko, Shirubia (dreams-hunter.net), KENN (Ohashi Kenichiro), Suwabe Junichi, Giada (graphema.net), Skyria (skyria.net / blazeaway.net), Kanki Yamato (fuujin.org), Mitchii (ash-snow.net), Code Geass and R2: music of, .hack//SIGN: Balmung, Nogami Yukana.

Today I’ve added with great pleasure a new affiliates, the eL fanlisting collective and some fanlists she own!:)

Please visit her fanlist and join if you like the subjects!!

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New affi: Sayaka Ohara

n.24 | Jul 8, 2008 | Fukuyama Jun, Atsushi Tamura/Haderu, KENN (Ohashi Kenichiro), Suwabe Junichi.

Added a new affiliates! =) The awesome Sayaka Ohara fanlist! ^O^

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Fanlist moved!

n.9 | Jun 22, 2008 | Harukanaru toki no naka de 3: Kajiwara Kagetoki, Mobile Suit Gundam Seed/Destiny: Shiho Hahnenfuss, Japanese Mythology: Maneki Neko, Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Lal Mirch, Shirubia (dreams-hunter.net), Eyeshield 21: Takekura Gen (Musashi), One Piece: Roronoa Zoro & Tashigi, KENN (Ohashi Kenichiro), Suwabe Junichi, Murata Yusuke.

Whole fanlist moved in a new address!^^
Members and affies are prayed to correct various link back.

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