Balmung ~ moved, new name and restyle

n.204 | Oct 17, 2010 | .hack//SIGN: Balmung.

After a long absence from my updates here a new one for Balmung’s fanlisting that now get a new home, name and style. In fact I decided to give him the name that the previous owner had picked because it feat better to this pg. Azure Sky is in fact the additional nickname that he received as The World’s hero.
Since new hack game and anime are on coming I thought that was time to give him a new style inspiring to the one I used for Kuhn’s fanlisting.
But my main muse when you speak of sky is Yamila which I want dedicate this new layout! ;)

New codes have been added in 50×50, 75×50 and 100×100 sizes!

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Balmung+Suwabe+Truth ~ New codes

n.140 | May 28, 2009 | Suwabe Junichi, Truth (Concept and Idea), .hack//SIGN: Balmung.

What a marvlous surprise today in my inbox! I received the monthly codes exchange gifts from Ilona-san and she realize some marvelous codes for the Balmung (.Hack) (12 new codes) , Suwabe Junichi (6 new codes) and the truth (concept/idea) (6 new codes) fanlists! :D
Thank you very much sweety! I’ve appreciated them a lot expecially cause you were very busy but you find the time to make all of them!!

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Balmung ~ 40 hit!

n.99 | Dec 30, 2008 | .hack//SIGN: Balmung.

The fanlist got 40 members! :D Thanks supporting the Cielo Azul!!

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New affiliates!:)

n.86 | Nov 26, 2008 | Fukuyama Jun, Atsushi Tamura/Haderu, Japanese Mythology: Maneki Neko, Shirubia (dreams-hunter.net), KENN (Ohashi Kenichiro), Suwabe Junichi, Giada (graphema.net), Skyria (skyria.net / blazeaway.net), Kanki Yamato (fuujin.org), Mitchii (ash-snow.net), Code Geass and R2: music of, .hack//SIGN: Balmung, Nogami Yukana.

Today I’ve added with great pleasure a new affiliates, the eL fanlisting collective and some fanlists she own!:)

Please visit her fanlist and join if you like the subjects!!

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[Balmung] Fanlist adopted!

n.66 | Oct 1, 2008 | .hack//SIGN: Balmung.

I can’t believe I own such awesome characters!:D My gratitude is all for Courtney taht make this real! *hug* I love Balmung so much, my favourite in Hack totally! :) I’ll do my best for this fanlist!!

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