Welcome in "Spark between the Blades", the approved fanlist for one of the most interesting reletionship in One Piece, the one between Roronoa Zoro the swordman part of the Mugiwara's pirates and the marines Tashigi.

This due was my first otp and have a special meaning for me. I really like how misterious is the bond that Tashigi have with Kuina, Zoro's childhood friend. My hope is that one day Oda will explain it clearly. My thanks run all to Ayne, the previous owner, that kindly let me adopt this fanlist! ♥ I'm doing my best manteining it! I know that this pair was very important for her so for this reason the fanlist is dedicated to her .

If you like the liaison between Zoro and Tashigi, feel free to join the crew of fans.

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ZoroTashi ~ Revamped

Jan 26, 2009 | One Piece: Roronoa Zoro & Tashigi.

The Zoro x Tashigi fanlist have finally a new layout!^_^

Added also 39 new codes! :D

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